Purity Network is a resource for those who are looking for help in their struggle with sexual purity and addiction, and for those that are affected by their behaviors. This is a place where you can find hope and healing.

Our mission is to empower disciples of Jesus Christ by breaking the chains of sexual addiction through mutual support, accountability, prayer, study and transformation through the renewing of our minds.

Purity Network provides men and women who are struggling with sexual addiction, and their spouse with the resources and support they need in their pursuit of purity and wellness. The support groups and professional counseling services offer safety, confidentiality, acceptance, trust and hope within a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Our focus as a network is to be a safe and supportive community for those who are seeking sexual purity and wellness. As a community and with the healing power of the Holy Spirit, we can experience freedom from sexual addiction and relational growth with God and with others.

If you are looking for a group, please visit our Meetings pages.